Producers Use TracFrac to Ensure Regulatory Compliance, Avoid SIMOPS Interactions & Optimize Budgets

TracFrac is a common platform for oil and gas producers to share SIMOPS schedules, coordinate SIMOPS and frac protect, and send official frac notifications to offset operators. By utilizing the platform, oil and gas producers reduce risk, optimize frac protect efforts, increase production days, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Learn how the TracFrac platform can efficiently coordinate frac, SIMOPS and well service activity while ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing the workload to one easy upload or data push per week.

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How has Petrospects helped operators in the DJ Basin?​

Watch our interview with Hart Energy, Oxy, and PDC Energy and learn how TracFrac from Petrospects has improved coordination between operators, ensured compliance, reduced ESG risks, and avoided SIMOPS conflicts in the DJ Basin >>>

The Only Nationwide Frac Notification Platform

Incidents, even if infrequent, are too expensive and introduce significant political risks to our industry. 

In only a few minutes per week from a single employee, oil and gas producers use TracFrac to achieve nationwide compliance with state frac notification rules and to efficiently coordinate SIMOPS activities.

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One Platform to Achieve Nationwide Regulatory & Good-Neighbor Compliance

TracFrac allows operators to upload one file per week to manage frac notifications in thirty seconds or less, ensuring nationwide compliance and improved coordination between operators.


SIMOPS Watchman Prevents Incidents & Reduces Surprise Costs

Petrospects’ SIMOPS Watchman tool allows producers to view activity near a planned wellsite activity (drill, frac, or service) and identify nearby fracs by user-set distances and timespans before and after the wellsite activity.

Importantly, the tool alerts a user when frac schedules are added or changed within the user’s set distance and time ranges, helping producers avoid expensive and potential HSE incidents.


Inter-Operator Knowledge Improves Budget Planning

Producers face challenges in predicting cash flows spent on working interests and, often, time is too short for a thorough technical analysis and management approval process. 

Shared Schedule Access on TracFrac provides producers a common platform to share schedules with one-another thereby gaining insight into upcoming working interest cash flow demands and better abilities to better vet working interest opportunities.


Move Hydrocarbons to Strategic Hubs

With TracFrac’s Shared Schedule Access, E&Ps gain new intelligence on completions and shut-in activities, giving new marketing strategies to oil and gas producers.


Notify offset Neighbors with a Free Account

TracFrac offers free and premium accounts to producers. No-cost account options allow operators to upload frac schedules and coordinate internal and external frac activities. 

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Wellbore-To-Wellbore Offset Identification

Gone are the days of personnel drawing lines between and boxes around wells on GIS systems. TracFrac measures exact distances between wellbores to give producers exact measurements from frac protect planning and regulator compliance.


Utilize the API to Automatically Meet State Regulations

For producers with advanced technical capabilities, Petrospects offers an easy API (application programming interface) to share schedules and other information to and from the TracFrac platform. 

API users are encouraged to update information on a nightly basis for automatic processing of both TracFrac schedules and SIMOPS Watchman reports.


Send and Receive Frac Notifications by Email

TracFrac sends the official notifications on time in a daily, digestable email and includes options for your organization’s disclaimers.

TracFrac is available in every American shale basin and automates the sharing of frac schedules externally between operators and internally among every department. Gone are the days of asking the point person for the latest schedule. In one login, any employee can find the data they need to perform productively.

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